CPT Jon A. Boulle was a VHPA member who died after his tour in Vietnam on 07/31/1995 at the age of 49.8
Naperville, IL
Flight Class (USMC)
Date of Birth 09/29/1945
Served in the U.S. Marine Corps
Served in Vietnam with HMM-161 in 69-70
This information was provided by Barry Geller, Barry Geller, deceased search

More detail on this person: Jon (also John) A. Boulle was another Vietnam Veteran (Helicopter Pilot). CPT Jon A. Boulle was a VHPA member who died after his tour in Vietnam on 07/21/1995 at the age of 49 in Naperville, IL; Date of Birth 09/29/1945. Served in the U.S. Marine Corps; Served in Vietnam with HMM-161 in 69-70.

Jon was a Huge Harley Davidson enthusiast and and he died of a heart attack. His picture may be seen at the Chicago HOG Vintage site.

Below are Emails exchanged following his death.

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 21:17:53 -0500 (CDT)

Subject: bad news ...

From: Ed Eckert & Coffee the Wonder Dog ...@CRF.CUIS.EDU>

One of our subscribers, Jon Boulle, died Monday morn @ 4am. I understand that it was a heart attack. Although Jon didn't post much here, he did a lot for th' Chicago area motorcycling community. He organized th' Old Fart's Iron Butt Challenge that just had it's 5th Annual run down t'th' Smoky Mts. earlier in July. He was also an attendee at MITM 2 this year. I will keep y'all updated on th' situation as I find out more. If anyone wants t' send an e-mail "card", you may do so to me and I will make sure that it's delivered.

Next time y'r out cruisin under th' stars, say a prayer of thanks for Jon and other GoodFolk(tm) like him that I'm sure you know. And another for th' family and friends left behind. 'Nuff sed.

L8r... Ed

Judy asked me to post this letter to the net:


Dear Friends,

Thank you for your letters, messages, and rememberances of Jon. I enjoyed reading each one of them and have since re-read them many times. I often sit in his room in front of the computer. In it's silence, I search for some connection to life, his life. A part that he enjoyed and a part that sometimes irritated me -- after all, there was usually something I wanted him to do, but he was too busy answering his mail! That is when I re-read your letters and capture for a moment a special part of what he loved and who he was.

As for me, I have started to re-learn and brush up on my own riding skills - thanks to some patient and trusting friends. Yes, I have ridden our bagger and although a big jump, this one feels like home. I am doing everything I can to keep it so I can call it my own - and it's already got a nice big seat on the back for Jon. However, since he was never one to ride bitch, he'll probably be right up front on the tank and probably yelling "shift" or "brake" or something like that. But it's OK, I'm used to that. Down the line, I might try tackling some time on the computer.

To all those who ordered patches, Thank You. I am proud that Jon had so many friends and touched so many lives both near and far. I will recognize you as my friend no matter where or when we meet.

Thank You All.

I hope to see you on the road (or perhaps on the net).


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