LTC Clarence "Lucky" B. Brooker was a VHPA member who died after his tour in Vietnam on 03/13/2008 at the age of 80.9
Concord, CA
Flight Class 54-E
Date of Birth 04/26/1927
Served in the U.S. Army
Served in Vietnam with 170 AHC in 65-66, 61 AHC in 67-68
Call signs in Vietnam BUC 6, LUCKY STAR 6
This information was provided by Barry Geller, SSN search 090108

More detail on this person: In Honor of Clarence "Lucky" B. Brooker, 170th Assault Helicopter Company, Buccaneer Gun Platoon [ '65 - '66 ], Pleiku

Clarence "Lucky" B. Brooker 04/26/1927 - 03/13/2008

From: David Larcomb - email dated: Saturday, February 28, 2009

Henry, Thank you very much for the information on "Lucky Brooker." I didn't realize he was 80. My memories are of youth and vigor, not of old age and infirmities, We were young once and were quite active. Lucky was a good pilot and brought home his aircraft and crew after many a dangerous mission. I remember the first time the enemy fired on us and he flew his lethally armed Huey (armed with rockets and 6 M-60 machine guns) into the face of the enemy. He didn't flinch or turn but went straight ahead. I gave cover and followed him into the face of the enemy. After that mission we were some where south of Pleiku near the Ia Drang Valley when a crew brought in Don Chabot. He was a Major and our first pilot to be killed. He was shot through the chest and was dying as we saw him being carried to a medical tent. Don gave us the thumbs up and then died. That left an impression on us that we were truly in war.

One time Lucky brought his aircraft in that had the tail rotor shot up. He went into the death circle of uncontrollability, but somehow got the thing on the ground, albeit, upside down. But there were no causalities on that flight. Lucky was a good man, a good soldier, a good pilot, and a great leader.

The only training we had was to see old WW II movies and we sort of imitated what the movie stars would have done in our situations. It is amazing that we came back. Lucky and I went on R and R to Bangkok, Thailand. He was a good friend. I was lucky to have "Lucky" for a boss and a friend.

Thanks for sharing.

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