Mark Chaney died after flight school but did not serve as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam on 05/01/2017 (Exact date not known.)
Clarksville, TN
Served in the U.S. Army
This information was provided by Christina (daughter)

More detail on this person: Jim, Another soldier has gone on to Fiddler's Green. I didn't know Mark personally but am saddened by his loss. I see he is listed in the VHPA directory as a life member so I'm forwarding this to Gary Roush for the VHPA database. Julie Kink From:"Kurtz, James H" To: "Shields Jack B/1-9 (" ; "Paul E Murtha (" ; Bob Monette ; "Julie Kink (" ; "Jeremy Hogan B/1-9 (" ; "Rick Rideout (" ; "Bill A/1-9 Cav Dunavant (" Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2017 1:38 PM Subject: FW: Mark Chaney SP4 Mark Chaney, nickname Magnet Ass, was in the B/1-9 Scouts, and made the transition to F Troop. Mark later went to flight school, too late for Vietnam. Mark was the younger brother of WO1 Art Chaney, an A/1-9 Cobra pilot who was shot down on the Vietnam-Laos border in May 1968 (along with Bobby McKain). They were listed as KIA, Body Not Recovered, for 40-some years. This is from his daughter. Please share as you see fit. I will let you know if I find out when the interment is to take place. From: Clark Designs [] Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2017 9:14 AM To: Kurtz, James H Cc: Edie Kozak ;; Teresa ; Art Jacobs Subject: Re: Mark Chaney Dear All, A few of you have recently contacted me and I apologize that I have not been in touch. My father recently passed away. After serving two tours in Vietnam earning 2 purple hearts and a bronze star, my father ultimately lost a battle he would never win with alcoholism. It has been heart breaking to my family, but most heartbreaking was telling his parents that they have outlived another son, another war hero. They are still living in their home in Nevada. Their youngest son, Lon, is their main care taker now. My grandfather seems to be in early stages of Demetria, but Lillian is still sharp as a tack, but very feeble. Because of their age, they will not be able to attend any services for my father. We plan to have a small memorial service here in Clarksville, TN this Friday and later have his remains buried in Arlington with full military honors near his brother, Art. I did receive a case number from Arlington and once we receive the death certificate, they can then proceed with a location and date that I can share with you all later.God bless, Christina

Burial information: Arlington National Cemetery

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