CW4 Wayne F Geer was a potential VHPA member who died after his tour in Vietnam on 06/21/2008 at the age of 68.2 from Lymphoma
Aurora, CO
Date of Birth 04/05/1940
Served in the U.S. Army
Served in Vietnam with 48 AHC in 65-66, 1 CAV in 69
This information was provided by Jeff Geer (son), SSN search 090108

More detail on this person: My dad, Wayne F. Geer retired from the U.S. Army in 1978 at the rank of CW4.

According to his DD214, he earned the following decorations, medals, badges, commendation, citations and campaign ribbons, awarded or authorized:
ARAVBAD - Army Aviator Badge
GCMDL - Good Conduct Medal
VSM (1-7) - Vietnam Service Medal
RVNCM - Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
NDSM - Nation Defense Service Medal
ARCOM - Army Commendation Medal
MVC - (I do not know what this award is, if you can help I would appreciate it)
VUA - Valorous Unit Award
AM1V-2 - Air Medal
SRAARAVBAD - Senior Army Aviator Badge
OS SVC BARS (4) - Over Seas Service Bars
AFRM - Armed Forces Reserve Medal
VCofGw/P - Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palms
DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross
Pistol Cal .38 Qual Bad - Pistol, Caliber .38 Qualification Badge
MSTARAVB - Master Army Aviator Badge

Remarks: WORWAC PHI USAPHS 20 wks 1962 - Warrant Officer Rotary-Wing Aviator Candidate - Phase I - United States Army Primary Helicopter School
WORWAC PHII USAAVNS 14 wks 1962 - Warrant Officer Rotary-Wing Aviator Candidate - Phase II - United States Army Aviation School
ITC USAPHS 2 wks 1967 - Instructor Training Course - United States Army Primary Helicopter School
AH1G (CobraTrans) USAAVNS 4 wks 1968 - Attack Helicopter (Cobra) Training School - United States Army Aviation School
RWIFES USAAVNS 6 wks 1970 - Rotary Wing Instrument Flight Examiner - United States Army Aviation School
Wayne F. Geer served two tours in Vietnam, 25 Oct, 1965 - 14 Oct 1966 (he left three days after my birth) and again 7 Jan 1969 - 18 Dec 1969. The first tour he flew Heuy gun ships, and the second he flew Cobra gun ships.

I believe his first tour he was with the 48th Aviation Company. Looking up the history of this unit I was able to find this bit of information on the web;

On 14 October 1965 Major Edward R. Brophy Jr, Captain Max Mitchell, Captain Arthur Moen, Captain Arthur Hagen, CWO James V. McCartt, CWO Wayne F. Geer, and 20 enlisted personnel were called off leave to form the advance party to accompany the aircraft overseas. This advanced party boarded a bus for Atlanta, Georgia on 18 October. From Atlanta they flew commercial air to San Francisco lnternational Airport. They reported to Alameda Naval Air Station, Oakland, California where they signed for 16 UH-1D and 9 UH-1B helicopters. The helicopters had already been processed for overseas shipment and had their main rotor blades, stabilizer bars, and tail rotor removed. The gun kits were boxed and secured inside the aircraft. The aircraft were zipped and locked inside large seaborne protective bags and loaded aboard the USNS KULA GULF, a baby aircraft carrier.

The second tour in Cobra AH-1, I can only remember he was part of the 1st Calvary Division, but I do not know what unit he was in. I will ask my uncle and see if he can remember and if I get any more good information I will let you know.

As for cause of death, he died of lymphoma after a long fight with cancer and heart problems.

I believe he was most proud of his rotary wing instrument flight examiner rating, as there were very few who held that rating when he retired.

From: Jeff Geer

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