COL Orman E Hicks was a potential VHPA member who died after his tour in Vietnam on 12/26/2003 at the age of 80.8
Yorktown, VA
Date of Birth 03/19/1923
Served in the U.S. Army
This information was provided by Charley Kollman, SSN search 090108

More detail on this person: I served with Orman E. Hicks or under him from Dec-59 to June-60 Fort Campbell KY. He was a Maj then. We were in the 91st. Trans. CO. LT. Helicopter= 2 h-13 and i think it was 18 or 20 H-34. The 91st left NY. On June 10th. on the ship rose for Germany. Got to England on June 15th. i know it was my birthday=19 and could not get off ship. Got to germany i think around the 20th. Got to Schisseheim Army Airfield i think on the 22 it was a Sat. Also on the base was the 18 and the 110th. all with H-34 and H-13. We were in the 54TH. Aviation BN. 7TH.Army Aviation Group 7TH. Army and we supported the 23 Inf. Div. In May of 61 we moved to our permanent Airfield Finthen Army Airfield near Mainz in Schisseheim we were TDY. At Finthen we supported two Airborne Battle Groups from the 8th. DIV. On April 3-63 the 91ST. was deactivated and became A CO. 8TH. Aviation BN. 8th. DIV. I was suppose to rotate back to the States June of 62 but i extended for 9 months. In late i believe of 62 Hicks was promoted to LT. COL. I saw him carrying his new hat. There was a BN. on the Airfield not ours the was a heavy maint. CO also a fixed wing CO and a CO with HU-1A's. In Oct of 67 most of the Airfields were closed and 7th. Army Aviation came to a end.

I separated from the Army 1-6-63 Hon discharge 26-8-65. Kollman C. Kollman E-4 S/P 4. RA 12593228

Hicks ran the company like we were in West point spit an polish all the way RA all the way. You would need to change your fatigues for work formation after lunch to pass and the Old Man was at all formations on Friday it was a Command formation and the Officers just loved that. And ever morning was pt and a run and the Old Man was right there with us. Others looked at us and would say that shit was left in basic. But all the shit he gave us was right it made us proud of our company and it made us hard and strong we were better Soldiers for it.

Here are some true facts about Hicks that are not in print. We are in Germany out in the field and tactical what else 7th. Army was known as the field Army. It is chow time and there is a chow line Hicks spots some Officers in the line. Well he does a dance on them for all to see and hear. He tells them no Officer eats before the last enlisted man has gone through the chow line. At Campbell we are having a Command Maint. Insp. by Div. 101st. Inspecting Office is a LT. COL. Hicks Reports to him then tell him for all to hear. Sir i am sorry but you can't insp. my CO. the worse solider in my Co. looks better then you. He then turns to the First SGT. and tells him to dismiss the company and have them fall out. We had an SFC. that had a problem that wanted to get back to the States and he pulled some bad shit. Hicks made it known he was not going to get a transfer. Hicks did everything he could to Court Marshal him and bust him down to PVT. The SGT. got his transfer and was not busted. What Hicks did not know is this SGT. was in the Batan Death March and these Soldiers could not be touched.

The 91st at Campbell was like a family we had a company MESS with a jute box in it. After dinner you could stay drink coffee smoke and play the box. If you were out of money you could do this all day on Saturday and Sunday. Most of the NCOs were good and looked out after you. We had two a SFC and a master SGT. that were in charge of nothing, so all they did was go around and break balls. These two ass holes were good old boy's need I say more We had 44 Warrant Officers and 5 Commissioned Officers all were good but for one First LT. that thought his shit did not stink. They all showed respect for the men. We also had 103 enlisted men in the Co. The 329TH. Field Maint supported us and had A First LT. as a CO. Hicks called them his fourth Platoon and this First LT. hated that.

I look back and have good memories and think this is where i belonged in the Army. I know now i was not cut out for civilian life being married and having kids. I also know with my MOS A 675.30 Crew Chief on a H-34 Chopper i stood a good chance of my name on the wall down in Washington or a guest of Charley in one of his hotels.

Believe me when i tell you there were no slackers in Hicks's CO. This meant NCOs and Officers. If fucked up he would find a detail for all at night or the week end. Most of my time at Finthen I was TDY to BN. HQ. not my BN. but the one at the Airfield. All the outfits had to send people to BN. HQ. to be in a Unite known as UP'S United Police. I volunteered for this and why. I got away from Hicks plus no KP, Guard Duty Field Duty and i had a 24 hour pass meaning no bed check at 24:00. We did gate duty roving patrol Flag up and down. I don't know the reason, but MP'S were not permitted on the Airfield. They would drive up to the gate and test us.

Now to answerer you question yes Hicks served in Vietnam he retired after 31 years of service a Full Bird COL. His permenit rank in grade was corpral. Taps have been played for him.

I always support my Military and Country the Government when it deserves it. I now look back at the Vietnam war and say for what. Why did 600,000 brave people have to die. They died at the hands of a bunch of policical ass holes who tied there hands and would not let them fight as they were trained to fight. What will the Government do when there are no more brave then this will not be the land of the free.

Presently in the Free Republic of the Ukraine. Can you believe it, this once was the Soviet Ukraine a Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union. How many years were we fighting them!!!!

From: Charley Kollman <18sophia@live.com>

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