WO1 Douglas K. Hoverkamp was a potential VHPA member who died after his tour in Vietnam on 06/01/1976 at the age of 26.8 (Exact date not known.) from Boat accident
Long Island, NY
Flight Class 70-47
Date of Birth 08/16/1949
Served in the U.S. Army
Served in Vietnam with A/7/17 CAV in 71-72
This information was provided by Bob Egbert, Danny J. Walker, SSN search

More detail on this person: I flew with WO1 Hoverkamp in Vietnam with A trp 7th/17th Cav. We where stationed out of Phan Rang. I was his Scout Observer for most of the tour. We spent alot of time on TDY at Pleiku, DaLat and other areas. We talked on a few occassions after our unit left Vietnam I believe in Mar or April 72. I believe Doug left the Army after the tour. The remaining members of the unit went to Ft Bragg. The last I talked with Doug he indicated that he was going to fly for one of the oil companys out of Houston. This was sometime the latter part of 1972.

Doug was 2 years older than I was but we bonded from the first time we started flying together. We would really party good when we were on TDY during our off duty hours. Since we where at base camps and we didn't know anyone Doug would lone me a Nomex Shirt (Flying clothes) to wear with WALKER on it as though I was a WO1 also. We where then able to socialize and enjoy ourselves at the officers clubs.

Doug was an Excellant Aviator and Friend. I'm sorry to hear about his death. Anymore info on his death would be greatly appreicated.

From: Sgt. Danny J. Walker

Kents flying career came to an end in 1974 when he was diagnosed as having a siezure disorder. At the time Kent was starting to pursue a fixed wing rating as he felt that it would aid in his career. He did not find any success in the helicopter field due to the amount of pilots leaving the services at the time. The siezure disorder grounded him and he became very depressed as all he wanted to do was to fly. He had recently married and was trying to make a living as a waterman on Long Island, New York. He and another friend were coming to visit me in his boat and he had a siezure while at the controls and he went overboard, never to be seen again. His body was recovered after several days and he was buried in a small cemetary on Long Island. His only son, Kent Jr. is a medical doctor on Long Island, New York. He was a wonderful friend who is still missed today.

From: Bob Egbert

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