CW2 Kelly E Hayes was a potential VHPA member who died after his tour in Vietnam on 08/28/1968 from A/C accident
Fallriver, AK
Flight Class 65-3W
Served in the U.S. Army
Served in Vietnam with D/229 AHB 1 CAV in 65-66, 173 AHC in 66
This information was provided by Tom Gehman, Larry Clark

More detail on this person: Kelly went over on the ships with our gun company, D/229. We were both "infused" in May 66 and ended up with 173rd AHC, Robin Hoods/Crossbow. Interesting in that the 173rd was newly formed and when we got there they had 31 Majors. We were the first Warrants assigned to the 173rd. You know the history of the 1 Cav, 229 AHB with Ia Drang and such. Believe me, the 173rd was much more dangerous. Most were "Q" Course with 25 hrs Huey transition then over with the 173rd. Most were very, very dangerous.

Have been trying to follow up on Kelly E. Hayes. Was able to talk to former Livingston employee. Date was around August, 1968, not 1977. Was working a summer flying job while awaiting start of classes at Northrop Institute.

From: Tom Gehman VHPA, C/229, 173rd AHC

Died after his tour in Vietnam on 08/28/1968, age 26, in the crash of a Hiller UH-12E, N5357V near Ketchikan, Alaska while working for Livingston Helicopters. Was working a summer flying job in Alaska while awaiting start of classes at Northrop Institute. The NTSB accident report states that the helicopter collided with trees and there was a fire after impact. 2 fatal, 1 serious injuries.

exact date from NTSB accident report.

From: Larry K. Clark

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