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Name: CPT Norman A. Grammer
Status: Killed In Action from an incident on 08/14/1969.
Service: .
Service: .
Short Summary: Main rotor blade came off at a high altitude near Sam Thong (LS-20). Aircraft disintegrated in flight. With Glen Woods.
Aircraft: 204B tail number N8511F
Country: Laos
Primary cause: Mechanical

Additional information about this casualty:
Norm Grammer was the pilot. Glen Woods was the flight mechanic. Glen Woods was the person who shot down one of the Russian airplanes who was bombing site 85. There were no other passengers aboard to my knowledge. I believe the 205 was 11F. We do not know for sure why the blade came off. It was speculated by one of the senior maintenance persons that it was caused by "mast bumping", or a suggestion that a violent movement of the cyclic fore or aft caused the mast to bump and the blade to come off. In any event the blade did separate from the aircraft and the aircraft fell from a high altitude and basically disintegrated from the fall. It was my understanding this accident was solely mechanical and it happened near Sam Thong (LS-20) Submitted by Allen Cates September, 1999.

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