Name: CW3 Clifford Robert Harry
Status: Killed In Action from an incident on 10/22/1965 while performing the duty of Pilot.
Age at death: 41.9
Date of Birth: 11/23/1923
Home City: Chicago, IL
Service: AV branch of the reserve component of the U.S. Army.
Unit: A/228 ASHB 1 CAV
Major organization: 1st Cavalry Division
Service: AV branch of the U.S. Army.
The Wall location: 02E-130
Short Summary: Contracted an unusual strain of malaria - died while aboard a medevac flight between Okinawa and Japan.
Service number: W2207418
Country: South Vietnam
MOS: 062B = Helicopter Pilot, Utility and Light Cargo Single Rotor
Primary cause: Malaria
Started Tour: 08/18/1965
"Official" listing: ground casualty
Length of service: 22
Location: Unknown Province

Additional information about this casualty:
Contracted an unusual strain of malaria that the doctors were unable to diagnose for some time. He remained in the company area several days after he got sick and was finally evacuated to Hawaii. He died in route. He was the first pilot to die in the company after it arrived in Vietnam.

According to his service record he actually died while aboard a medevac flight between Okinawa and Japan.

His gravemarker says "World War II - Korea - Vietnam" and he did in fact serve in all three conflicts during a somewhat different career: He went through Navy flight school during WW2 and was commissioned in the Marines, serving on active duty until 31 Jan 45. From 01 Feb 45 through 30 Apr 52 he was not on active duty but stayed in the USMC Reserves.

From 01 May 52 through 30 Jun 56 he was assigned to HMX-1 (USMC helo test and eval squadron). Record shows Korean service during period 14 Sep 52 thru 10 Jun 53. I've found that HMX-1 put a 4-aircraft detachment in Korea, and he must have been with it. At some point he was promoted to Captain (O-3).

He separated from the Marines on 30 Jun 56 and entered the Army the following day with a permanent appointment to WO-2 and a temporary appointment as Captain (O-3); he then went through Army helo school at Fort Rucker, earning MOS 1981. Between 11 Oct 56 and Jan 1962 he served with various Army units as both a rotary and fixed wing aviator.

On 18 Jun 59 he was promoted to Major, US Army Reserve.

On 14 Jan 1962 he reverted to his permanent appointment (WO-2) with MOS 062B (WO, rotary wing pilot). On 20 Jun 63 he was promoted to Warrant Officer 3.

On 27 Jun 65 he joined A Co, 228th Avn Bn and deployed to RVN with that unit with MOS 062D.

According to the last entry in his record he died 22 Oct 65 between Okinawa and Japan.

Oddly, his gravemarker doesn't show the highest rank he held, but simply says "CWO".

Reason: Malaria
Casualty type: Non-hostile - died illness or injuries
married male U.S. citizen
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Protestant - no denominational preference
The following information secondary, but may help in explaining this incident.
Category of casualty as defined by the Army: non-battle dead Category of personnel: active duty Army Military class: warrant officer
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