Helicopter UH-1H 67-17768

Information on U.S. Army helicopter UH-1H tail number 67-17768
The Army purchased this helicopter 0968
Total flight hours at this point: 00001881
Date: 02/11/1971
Incident number: 71021139.KIA
Unit: D/3/5 CAV
South Vietnam
UTM grid coordinates: XD918545
Original source(s) and document(s) from which the incident was created or updated: Defense Intelligence Agency Helicopter Loss database. Also: OPERA (Operations Report. )
Loss to Inventory

Crew Members:

War Story:
C Trp 3/17th Cav. was redesignated D Trp 3/5th Cav around the first of December 70 and officially belonged to 9th Inf. Div. We were attached to 5th Mech. Inf. along the DMZ at the time. Our call sign was always Charlie Horse. Our Cav troop was the first to recieve OH-58s to use as Scouts which we flew from sometime before April of 70 until at least late in 71. Kenneth Barger was flying a UH-1H tail number 67-17768 and his call was Charlie Horse 21 assigned to D/3/5 Cav who was working for 5th Mech. Ray Carroll was Ken's crew chief. They were both killed trying to pick up a downed scout crew.
From: Fred Blanchard, C Trp 3/17th Cav. of the First Aviation Brigade from April of 70 till March of 71, March 1999.

According to Melvin B. Pobre who was the copilot flying in the right seat, this Huey that had eight ARVN on board was hit by ground fire while trying to rescue the crew of OH-58A 69-16091. This Huey crashed inverted and burned killing two. The three most seriously hurt were lifted out by another Huey using a jungle penitrator. The rest walked to a clearing to get picked up. Pobre was medivaced to Tripler in Japan.

According to Fred Blanchard, Charlie Horse 23, 768 did not have any ARVN on board. They were carrying 5 of our Aero Rifle Platoon. The Huey that had the jungle penetrator was the second medivac on the scene. The first medivac was shot full of holes. Also we had transitioned out of 58s and into OH-6s by August of 71. Kenneth Barger, who everyone called Skip, was a close friend. The whole day was a disaster, the war in a nutshell. It changed my life forever.

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