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Date range on this panel 5/27/68 - 5/28/68

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Line                                                          Acft   Tail
No. Rank Name                       Duty Unit                 Type   Number
--- --- ----------------------------- -- -------------------- ------ --------
                 Incident Date 680528
015 PFC John Curtis Smith, Jr.        C  117 AHC                             

For events on 680528 see operation ROBIN NORTH/ROBIN SOUTH TF HOTEL, 4 MARINES, 1 MARINES, 9 MARINES

Additional information is available on CD-ROM.

Please note:  The incident date is not always the same as date died.
Duty codes: AC = Aircraft Commander P = Pilot CP = Co-pilot C = Crew Member FE = Flight Engineer G = Gunner OB = Observer CE = Crew Chief IP = Instructor Pilot MD = Medic ME = Mechanic PX = Passenger PP = Pilot Passenger CX = Crew member passenger ME = Mechanic PR = Pararescue Member TI = Technical Observer FM = Flight Mechanic RS = Rescue Specialist FS = Flight Surgeon OG = Non-Crew Member On Ground CG = Crew Member on Ground

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