Battle of Bu Dop information
for A-341 SF DET

For date 650720

A-341 SF DET was a US Army unit
South Vietnam
Location, Bu Dop
Description: The SF A-341 Det was divided in two with their A Det at Bu Dop and their B Det at Bu Ghia Map about 20 miles away. Just after midnight, the VC attacked Bu Dop and the Americans were quickly wounded. The Vietnamese LLDB team functioned very well even though the CIDG posts fought very well, many were overrun. At 0230H air support arrived. At 0800H the allied force raised a Vietnamese flag after retaking their east gate. About noon the forces from BU Ghia Map arrived by helicopter to reinforce Bu Dop. Losses were 2 U.S., 2 LLDB, and 66 CIDG KIAs; 4 U.S., 9 LLDB, and 26 CIDG WIAs; 90 CIDG MIAs against 161 confirmed VC KIAs.

The source for this information was Green Berets at War P:123+

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