unit history information
for A/1 AVN

For date 651012

A/1 AVN was a US Army unit
47 ARVN REG was a Vietnamese Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Phu Yen Province, II Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Tuy Hoa
Description: The A Company, 1st Aviation Battalion unit history states that the operation to secure the fall rice harvest in the Tuy Hoa Valley involved a four lift movement of a maneuver force of the 47th ARVN Regiment in the morning and a two lift movement of a blocking force in the afternoon. During the morning lift, one armed helicopter experienced a premature rocket explosion causing extensive structural damage to the aircraft and badly wounding PFC William Ables who was evacuated to Nha Trang and the U.S. At 1130H a MAYDAY called was received from an A1E which had been flying air cover for the operation. The A1E had suffered elevator control failure on a strafing run and the pilot was forced to bail out at sea. A UH-1D crewed by CPT Leonard L. Boswell and CWO Charles Gibson rescued the pilot from an extremely rough sea.
Comments: PFC Ables, William; WIA; ; CPT Boswell, Leonard L.; pilot; ; CWO Gibson, Charles; pilot; ;

The source for this information was STAGECOACH, History of the 155th AML by CPT John A. Geurin

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