Attack on Chu Lai information
for MAG-12

For date 651027

MAG-12 was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Quang Tin Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Chu Lai
Description: The USMC in Vietnam 1953-73 states that on the night of 27 October,about 15 raiders slipped through the lines onto Chu Lai airstrip. Most of them were killed or captured before they reached MAG-12's flight line, but two VC did get to the A-4s with satchel charges, destroying two and damaging six before they were cut down. It was a bad night at Marble Mountain and at Chu Lai but, when morning came, it appeared that a larger attack against Da Nang was brought under artillery fire and dispersed. About the same time, eight miles south of Da Nang, near Thanh Quit, a VC company stumbled into a Marine squad-sized ambush, ran into a sheet of fire, and fell back, leaving 15 dead on the trail.

The source for this information was USMC 53-73 P:53 see 53_73mnr.bok provided by Les Hines

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