operation report information
for 219 VNAF SQDN

From date 651102 to 651106

219 VNAF SQDN was a Vietnamese Army unit
SOG was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Quang Tin Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Kham Duc
Description: The second American-led recon team, RT Alaska, to be inserted into Laos as part of SHINING BRASS included MSG Warren, the one-zero; SFC Kauhaaaha, the one-one, and SFC Donaldson as RTO. The NVA realized the team had landed and for three days the RT bypassed and hide from the enemy. On the fourth day, the NVA surrounded the team on a hill top and set fire to the area. Despite support from jets, the NVA did not back off and the team seemed doomed. Suddenly a long KINGBEE flown by Cowboy roared in and extracted the team. MSG Warren returned in a FAC and put 82 sorties into NVA positions.
Comments: MSG Warren, Dick; RT Alaska 1-0; ; SFC Kauhaaaha, David; RT Alaska 1-1; ; SFC Donaldson, Wilbur; RT Alaska RTO; ; *** Cowboy; VNAF pilot; ;

The source for this information was SOG P:38+

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