Battle of Ia Drang Valley information
for A/229 AVN 1 CAV
B/229 AVN 1 CAV
1/9 CAV 1 CAV
1/7 CAV 1 CAV

For date 651114

A/229 AVN 1 CAV was a US Army unit
B/229 AVN 1 CAV was a US Army unit
1/9 CAV 1 CAV was a US Army unit
1/7 CAV 1 CAV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Pleiku Province, II Corps, South Vietnam
Location, LZ X-Ray
Description: Two A/229th Avn UH-1D's and 2 UH-1B's make a recon flight from Plei Me to Duc Co and identify 3 possible LZs. Five CH-47A's start moving 6 105mm guns to LZ Falcon. 1/9th Cav Scouts conduct a VR of 2 LZs and the surrounding area. 0852H LZ X-Ray is selected. By 0930 all 16 A/229th Avn UH-1D's arrive at Plei Me for the CA. C/2/20th ARA provided support all that day. 1048H the first lift of 8 UH-1Ds landed in X-Ray, the second wave follwed immediately. 1120H the second lift went in. The 1/7th C&C ship landed at 1140H to extract the NVA POW. 1210H the third lift went in and at 1215H contact was made to begin the Battle of LZ X-Ray. After refueling, the fourth lift went in at 1332H. At 1338H the second wave started receiving ground fire. After this lift was complete, a medevac ship brought in the Bn Surgeon's team which reported they already had 20 to 25 WIA's and some KIA's. At 1400 the USAF Spad crashed and ARA fire was directed on the NVA moving around the downed aircraft. At 1430 the fifth lift went in and the LZ suddenly turned red-hot. The Hueys dropped off troops and extracted KIAs and WIAs. Because the first wave received such heavy fire and took so many hits, the 1/7th cancelled the second wave. Two Hueys were dispatched to Camp Holloway to collect ammo. Two Hueys loaded all the remaining 1/7th ammo at Plei Me and returned to X-Ray. They extracted 13 WIAs and KIAs on this trip. The two Hueys from Holloway returned and went into X-Ray, one was shot down in X-Ray and the crew extracted. A/229th continued to fly in ammo and extract casualties. Instead of flying the WIAs all the way to Pleiku, they used LZ Falcon as a transfer point to the medevac ships. After three two ship missions, all of A/229th set up a shuttle flying in ammo and water, taking out casualties. At 1520H they started bringing in the last of the 1/7th Cav two ships at a time. A second Huey went down in X-Ray.
Comments: MAJ Crandall, Bruce; A/229th Avn CO; ; CPT Mills, Jon; A/229th Avn pilot; ; CPT Rickard, ; 1/9th Cav scout leader; ; CWO Lombardo, Riccardo J.; A/229th Avn AC; ; 1LT Bean, Roger K.; A/229th Avn pilot; ; CPT Freeman, Ed; A/229th Avn flight leader; ; CPT Mesch, Gene; A/229th Avn AC; ; CWO Jekel, Alex S.; A/229th Avn AC; ; MAJ Bartholomew, Roger J.; C/2/20th ARA CO; ; CPT Washburn, Richard B.; C/2/20th ARA pilot; ; CPT Winkel, Paul P.; B/229th Avn flight leader; ; CWO Harper, Dallas H.; B/229th Avn AC; ; CWO Faba, Ken; B/229th Avn AC; ; CWO Komich, Leland C.; B/229th Avn pilot; ; CWO Schramm, Walter; B/229th Avn pilot; ; CWO Estes, Donald C; A/229th Avn AC; ;

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