operation report information
for 219 VNAF SQDN

For date 651231

219 VNAF SQDN was a Vietnamese Army unit
SOG was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Quang Tin Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Kham Duc
Description: In a section titled 1965 in Review, SOG Volume III by Saal states that a total of seven SHINING BRASS recon missions were conducted in Laos during the year. At this time, from a helicopter perspective, SOG's primary support was the 219th VNAF Squadron based at Da Nang. They had established Command and Control Detachment (North), soon to be known as CCN, at Da Nang commanded by LTC Ray L. Call. Their Forward Operation Base at Kham Duc, soon to be known as FOB #1, was their first launch site. It was commanded by MAJ Mark Duchon. FOB #2 at Kontum was used in 1965. They continued to use Camp Long Thanh, established in 1963 under the CIA's program, as a training camp. Other air support came from the USAF 20th TASS at Da Nang and 21st TASS at Kontum.
Comments: MAJ Duchon, Mark; FOB #1 Commander; ; LTC Call, Ray L.; Field Commander of MACSOG 35; ; COL Simons, Bull; Staff Commander of MACSOG 35; ;

The source for this information was SOG V III P:68+

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