operation MARAUDER information
for 1 INF DIV
173 ABN

From date 660101 to 660108

1 INF DIV was a US Army unit
173 ABN was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Operation MARAUDER
Kien Phong Province, IV Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Plain of Reeds
Description: The 173rd ABN and elements of the 1st Inf Div killed 131 VC in this operation in the Plain of Reeds area of the Mekong Delta. This marked the first time that U.S. troops had operation in large formations in this part of the country. The 1/503d and the 1/RAR were airlifted into positions adjacent to the Oriental River. The next morning, the 2/503d was airlifted into LZs east of the river and began a series of saturation patrols towards the river. They fought through a series of fortified enemy positions using tear gas, air strikes and artillery to clear the enemy. On the night following the battle, the VC melted away leaving 93 dead. The 1/503d, during their mop-up west of the river, rounded up 326 VC suspects. The VC 267th Bn along with the headquarters element of the VC 506th Bn were decimated.

The source for this information was Tunner 1st Inf Div P 30; Sky Soldier by Turner P;17

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