operation report information
for 227 AHB

For date 660105

227 AHB was a US Army unit
1 BDE 1 CAV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Operation MATADOR
South Vietnam
Description: COL. Kenneth Mertel's "The Year Of The Horse" provides an infantry battalion commander's view of Operation MATADOR. After a norm LZ prep, 24 UH-1Ds from the 227th AHB inserted a company on LZ BRONCO at 0745. Then CH-47s landed six tubes and by 0850 the artillery was firing as part of the prep for LZ STALLION. At 0855, 24 UH-1Ds from the 227th AHB began inserting the rest of Mertel's battalion into LZ STALLION. There was no enemy resistance and the insertions were completed by 1040.

The source for this information was Year of the Horse, P 215+

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