operation report information
for VMO-6

For date 660129

VMO-6 was a US Marine Corps unit
HMM-362 was a US Marine Corps unit
MAG-36 was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Quang Ngai Province, South Vietnam
Description: Weather continued to hamper the amphibious activities associated with operation DOUBLE EAGLE I. Late in the afternoon, HMM-362, the SLF's squadron assisted by six MAG-36 UH-34s flew the BLT from the USS Valley Forge onto Nui Zuong Giong, a 180-meter peak west of Red Beach. VMO-6 provided escort and their CO, LTC Robert J. Zitnik, recalled: "The landing was unopposed, but at the last minute we were assigned the escort mission. As the H-34s were landing on the hilltop, the lead pilot of the second VMO-6 section observed when he described as a military training unit with some uniformed VC. They were taking off their uniforms but still had their weapons while running. As we were trying to get permission to fire we heard the firm order "Do no fire." All the VMO-6 pilots on this flight experienced frustration at not being allowed to pursue what appeared to be, and eventually proved to be, the only few enemy in the area." The originator of the message was never determined.
Comments: LTC Zitnik, Robert J.; CO VMO-6; ;

The source for this information was USMC H 1966, P 27 & 28

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