unit history information
for MAG-36
118 AVN

For date 660130

MAG-36 was a US Marine Corps unit
HMM-364 was a US Marine Corps unit
HMM-261 was a US Marine Corps unit
118 AVN was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Quang Ngai Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Description: In support of DOUBLE EAGLE, MAG-36 reported in addition to resupply, Med Evac, and administrative passenger lifts during the day, one major strike was accomplished. At 1400H twenty-eight UH-34D's from HMM-261, HMM-363, and HMM-364 augmented by 12 UH-34D's from HMM-362 and escorted by four UH-1B's of the 118th Aviation Company lifted BLT 2/3 (-) from the USS Valley Forge into an unsecure LZ at BS717429. LZ prep was controlled by VMO-6 aircraft acting as TAC(A). Mission was accomplished without incident. Eight UH-34D's and two UH-1E's remained overnight in the BSA and performed emergency resupply and Med Evac missions throughout the night.

The source for this information was HQ MAG-36 Combat After Action Rpt 20 Mar 66

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