unit history information
for MAG-36
118 AVN

For date 660201

MAG-36 was a US Marine Corps unit
118 AVN was a US Army unit
VMO-6 was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Quang Ngai Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Description: In support of DOUBLE EAGLE, MAG-36 reported at 1000H twenty-eight UH-34D's lifted 380 troops of BLT 2/9(-) from Quang Ngai Airfield into an unsecured zone at BS665475. The flight was escorted by armed UH-1E and UH-1B aircraft, and LZ prep was provided by A-4 and F-4 aircraft. Upon completion of the lift the aircraft lifted another 172 troops of 2/9(-) from the vicinity of BS4275 into the same LZ. Mission was accomplished without incident. Normal resupply and Med Evac missions were accomplished throughout the day and night. At 1400H four UH-34D's escorted by two Army UH-1B's departed on a recon insert and retraction mission at BS422595. The mission was to search for the grave of a US MIA. While awaiting the ground troops to accomplish their mission the aircraft were diverted to pick up another five man team from BS625297 and returned them to Ba To. The aircraft then returned to pick up the 28 recon troops at BS422595 plus the remains of the US KIA.

The source for this information was HQ MAG-36 Combat After Action Rpt 20 Mar 66

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