operation report information
for 2 BDE 1 CAV
228 ASHB

For date 660204

2 BDE 1 CAV was a US Army unit
228 ASHB was a US Army unit
Operation MASHER
South Vietnam
Description: As the 2d Bde began to support operation MASHER, it moved its CP to BRASS (BR801151) and three Inf bns to BRASS and GOLD (BR856156). It took 13 CH-47 sorties to move the Bde CP. The inf bns were positioned by Hueys, Chinooks, Caribou and trucks. From there they assaults the high ground of the An Lao Valley and attacked north. A Marine bn was at the top of the valley and moved south. The Bde also had an entire Arty bn. They used 228 ASHB CH-47s to move 105 tubes about every two days and CH-54A to move the 155s.

The source for this information was 2 BDE 1 CAV AAR

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