operation TURNER information
for VMO-6

From date 660623 to 660623

VMO-6 was a US Marine Corps unit
HMM-164 was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Operation TURNER
South Vietnam
Location, A Shau SF Camp
Description: The objective of operation TURNER was to destroy the ammunition and weapons left by the friendlies around the A Shau SF camp. After the 95th NVA Regiment overran the camp in March, it returned to its base in Laos without clearning the battlefield. In May, a SF patrol returned to A Shau to recover the bodies. They reported that the bodies had not been disturbed or boobytrapped and that a great deal of ammunition and weapons lay strewn around the battlefield. Eventually the 4th Marines were assigned the mission. After several rehearsals, operation TURNER went off smoothly. Six CH-46s from HMM-164 lifted two forces into the A Shau. One for the main camp and another for two pallets of small arms ammunition airdropped southwest of the camp during the closing scenes of the battle. No contact with the enemy was made and the force was extracted without incident.

The source for this information was USMC 1966 H, P 149-150

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