operation PROJECT DANIEL BOONE information
for SF

From date 660627 to 681201

SF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Description: MACV was directed to develop a cross-border reconnaissance capability for Cambodia using Special Forces troops on 27 June 1966 but permission to use them was not granted until May, 1967. Even then only a small section of the Cambodian tri-border areas above the Se San River was authorized. Operations were expanded in October, 1967 to cover Cambodia's border facing Vietnam to a depth of 20, and later30, kilometers. This area was divided into two zones. Zone Alpha streteched approximately from Snuol noth to Laos. Zone Bravo from Snuol to the Gulf of Thailand. Missions in Zone Bravo required Presidential approval on a case-by-case basis. Project DANIEL BOONE was rename SALEM HOUSE in December, 1968 when mission restrictions were finally relaxed. SALEM HOUSE became THOT NOT on 8 April 1971.

The source for this information was Green Berets at War P:231

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