unit history information
for 155 AHC

For date 660703

155 AHC was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Darlac Province, II Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Ban Me Thuot
Description: The 155th Aviation Company unit history describes a daring late afternoon rescue of a downed USAF O-1E pilot made by a UH-1D commanded by CWO Wesley D. Page. Within 20 minutes from the time the rescue call was received in the 155th Operations, CWO Page's aircraft was making the pickup. Flight Surgeon CPT James Paulk was on board to assist the downed pilot. A light team of FALCON gunships were dispatched to provide air cover for the rescue. Later that evening the company's aircraft were assembled at Ban Me Thuot to lift a quick reaction force to the scene of the downed O-1E on a lonely stretch of road near the Cambodian border. However, poor weather conditions prevented the lift and the plane was extracted the next day.
Comments: CWO Page, Wesley D.; AC; ; CPT Paulk, James; Flight Surgeon; ;

The source for this information was STAGECOACH, History of the 155th AVN by 1LT Heydenberk & WO Coke

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