Battle on Minh Thanh Road information
for 1/4 CAV

For date 660709

1/4 CAV was a US Army unit
1 INF DIV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Operation EL PASO II
South Vietnam
Location, Minh Thanh Road
Description: This was the last and most violent of the five major battles the 1st Inf Div would have with the 9th VC Div during EL PASO II. The 272nd VC Regiment ambushed the 1/4 Cav on the road from An Loc to Minh Thanh. The 1st Inf Div history states that possibly the most important lesson learned from this battle is the use of armor in breaking an enemy ambush can be decisive. When led by tanks, a cavalry column can take the punishment and respond with adequate firepower during the critical early period until infantry battalions can be introduced by helicopter or foot movement into the battle area. 238 VC bodies were counted following the battle. While being interrogated, a prisoner indicated that the 9th VC had lost over 2,000 men during it three ambushes and two other battles with the Big Red One in June and July 1966. As a result of this battle plus the actions at Ap Tau O and Srok Dong, the 1/4th Cav received the PUC.

The source for this information was Tunner 1st Inf Div P 22

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