Battle at Ap Cha Do information
for 1 INF DIV
1/28 INF

For date 661108

1 INF DIV was a US Army unit
1/28 INF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Ap Cha Do
Description: The largest 1st Inf Div battle during Operation ATTLEBORO pitted the 1/28th Inf against the 272nd VC and the 101st NVA Regiments. On the night of Nov 4 and early on Nov 5, the 1st Inf Div moved the division HQ and several combat units into the area around Dau Tieng by air and land. As the battalions moved into multiple LZs, contact was made. The 1st & 2nd/28th Inf were then moved in behind the enemy's offensive thrusts. The 1/28th attacked on Nov 8 and shortly after the 2/28th was attacked in its NDP. The battle raged until 11 a.m. When the 2/28th swept the area they found a basecampe that stretched for over a mile through the thick hungle and contained one of the largest caches of ammo and supplies taken to date. 305 VC bodies were counted that day and 94 the following day. The basecamp contained 19,000 grenades, a claymore factory, 1,135 lbs of explosive, 400 bangalore torpedoes, a command radio system and other items. The 1/28th received the PUC.

The source for this information was Tunner 1st Inf Div P 23

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