combat operations after-action report information
for 1/5 MECH 25 INF
2 BDE 25 INF

For date 661125

1/5 MECH 25 INF was a US Army unit
2 BDE 25 INF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Hau Nghia Province, III Corps, South Vietnam
Description:  CASUALTIES SUSTAINED DURING OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP TYPE OF WHERE NAME RANK MOS CASUALTY NATURE OF WOUND EVACUATED HHC FAIN, James L. SP4 11B10 KIA GSW in neck ROBINSON, Grant PFC 11D10 WIA SW in arm 93rd Evac Hosp ROBINSON, Jessie C. SP4 11B20 WIA GSW in neck, left hand and arm 93rd Evac Hosp HEGBERG, Alfred PFC 11E10 WIA GSW in left hand and 93rd Evac Hosp shrapnel in arm RAYMOND, Donald W. SGT 11D40 WIA GSW in chest 93rd Evac Hosp CARTER, William PFC 11C20 WIA GSW in right forearm Bn Aid Sta (RTD) AGUIRRE, Luis H. I. SP4 11D20 WIA Shrapnel in finger and face Bn Aid Sta (RTD) BELL, Amos Jr. SSG 11D40 WIA Shrapnel in right forearm Bn Aid Sta (RTD) BAILEY, Kedric L. PFC 11D10 WIA GSW in lip Bn Aid Sta (RTD) HARRIS, Steve W. PFC 11D10 WIA Shrapnel in left arm Bn Aid Sta (RTD) Co A JACKSON, Carl SP4 11B20 WIA Shrapnel in upper right chest Bn Aid Sta (RTD) MCNEIL, Eddie Jr. SP4 11B20 WIA GSW in left thigh 93rd Evac Hosp MOLIERE, Larry D. PFC 11B10 WIA Shrapnel in right thigh, leg Bn Aid Sta (RTD) Co B DAY, Billy B. PVT 11B20 KIA GSW in head PARNELL, William E. SSG 11B40 KIA GSW in head GARIS, Gary W. SP4 11B20 KIA GSW through chest MARTIN, Guy W. SSG 11B40 WIA Shrapnel wound in back Bn Aid Sta (RTD) CAVALIER, Clark P. SSG 11B40 WIA Shrapnel wound in face, 25th Med arm and hand DRAKE, Melvin P. SP4 11B20 WIA Shrapnel wound in right arm 25th Med Co C CASSUBE, Richard H. SGT 11B40 KIA Shrapnel wound in head BENNETT, Bertram S. SSG 11B40 WIA Dislocated left shoulder 3rd Field Hosp PAQUETTE, Earl R. SP4 11B20 WIA Shrapnel in both eyes 93rd Evac Hosp THOMPSON, David M. SSG 11B40 WIA GSW in both legs 93rd Evac Hosp Casualty resulting from Friendly Fire: BAKER, Albert (HHC) PFC 11C20 WIA GSW in left buttock 25th Med Inclosure 1 to Ltr, HQ, 1st Bn (Mech) 5th Inf, subj, After-Action Report - Operation Clean Sweep, dtd 25 Feb 66.

The source for this information was Vietnam Source document prepared by Ron Leonard

Additional information is available on CD-ROM.

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