operation BLACKJACK 41 RED information
for A-430 SF DET

For date 670119

A-430 SF DET was a US Army unit
KKK was a Civilian Irregular Defense Group unit
MGF was a Civilian Irregular Defense Group unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Operation BLACKJACK 41 RED
Chau Doc Province, IV Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Seven Mountains
Description: This was the first mobile guerrilla operation conducted in the Delta. The Special Forces A-430 Detachment led a Khmer Kamuchea Krom (KKK) Mike Force into the Seven Mountains area. There they linked up with local KKK VC leaders and convinced them to join the Special Forces as a permanent guerrilla force in that locale. The mobile guerrilla force was posted to Nui Cam to flush out noncooperative VC and to assist in more negotiations. BLACKJACK 41 WHITE was a continuation.

The source for this information was Green Berets at War P:267

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