operation PERSHING information
1/9 CAV

From date 670212 to 680119

1 CAV DIV was a US Army unit
1/9 CAV was a US Army unit
Operation PERSHING
Binh Dinh Province, South Vietnam
Description: The 1st Cav Div conducted this operation in Binh Dinh Province as a long-range offensive against elements of the NVA 610th Div and VC units. It claimed 5,401 known enemy casualties. The 1/9th Cav were credited with 38% (about 1,700) of the enemy losses. For the first time the Div was able to committ all three of its Bdes to the same battle area. They were joined by the ROK Capital Div, the 3d Bde 25th (which was part of the 4th Div), and ARVN 22d Div. A total of 22 allied infantry bns contributed to the large, long Bong Son Plain pacification effort. It was a tedious, unglamorous operation that produced only 18 major engagements but numerous minor skirmishes. As a general rule, the NVA had already taken heavy casualties and avoided contact.

The source for this information was Rand, OOB, 1st Team P 153+

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