Battle at Ap Bau Bang II information
for 1 INF DIV
3/5 CAV

For date 670320

1 INF DIV was a US Army unit
3/5 CAV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Ap Bau Bang
Description: While supporting operation JUNCTION CITY, the A/3/5th Cav and B/7/9th Arty (both 9th Inf Div units) were OPCONed to the 1st Inf Div at FSPB 14 about 30 miles north of Saigon. B & C Troops reinforced the base after the initial VC mortar and ground attack. Two more assaults were thwarted by superior firepower from the armor, 29 airstrikes and 2,148 arty rounds. The enemy left 227 dead.

The source for this information was Turner 1st Inf P:25

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