operation BLACKJACK 41C information
for 5 MSF

From date 670513 to 670518

5 MSF was a Civilian Irregular Defense Group unit
MGF was a Civilian Irregular Defense Group unit
Operation BLACKJACK 41C
Chau Doc Province, IV Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Nui Giai
Description: The mission of this operation is to seal off Nui Giai in the Seven Mountains region of IV Corps and clear it of VC. Three companies of the 5th Special Forces Group Mobile Strike Force from Nha Trang open the action with a parachute assault on a drop zone, named DZ BLACKJACK, south of Nui Giai. Mobile guerrilla and CIDG forces from IV Corps join in the probing and assaulting VC positions on Nui Giai. The operation terminates on 18 May 1967 with two IV Corps companies remaining behind to deny the VC use of the mountain. This operation may have also been known as BLACKJACK 41 WHITE.

The source for this information was Rand

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