Battle at Xom Bo II information
for 1 INF DIV

For date 670517

1 INF DIV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Xom Bo II
Description: This battle began when several 1st Inf Div units decided to walk into their LZ about 40 miles NNE Saigon rather than be airlifted in. Intel reports had four companies of the 271st VC Rgmt in ambush around the LZ. The enemy was thrown off guard and suffered 222 casualties before the 1st Inf Div units were finished.
Comments: I saw that you wrote a little about Xom Bo II battle on your site and wanted to reach out and inform you that there is a book titled, "June 17, 1967 - Battle of Xom Bo II." The new book immortalizes the men who fought in the horrific battle June 17, 1967. It was a battle that pitted less than five hundred 1st Infantry Division soldiers against 800 to 2000 Viet Cong from the 271st NVA Regiment. The bloody clash would take the lives of 39 Americans and seriously wound 150 more. The book, "June 17, 1967 - Battle of Xom Bo II," is a minute by minute story of what happened that day, June 17, 1967, in the steamy jungle and the story of the men who fought so valiantly to survive the ambush. It is the story of the loved ones left behind and the wounded who struggled to become whole again. Itís a story that is the result of talking to many of the survivors of the battle and the wives, brothers, sisters, or friends of those who were there when over 8000 artillery rounds, napalm and bombs rained down around LZ X-Ray to dislodge the entrenched Viet Cong. June 17, 1967 is a story of war, men, and their loved ones. It is the story of the youth, culture and happenings that made the battle of Xom Bo II such an enigma for 1967's summer of love. It is an angry story and a healing story that will bring feelings to the surface and tear at your heart. It is available on, Barnes and Noble (BN.COM) and with or you can buy a copy from me, if you drop me a line at

The source for this information was Turner 1st Inf P:25

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