operation CORONADO I information
for MRF 9 INF
2/46 ARVN
TF 117

From date 670601 to 670724

MRF 9 INF was a US Army unit
2 BDE 9 INF was a US Army unit
2/46 ARVN was a Vietnamese Army unit
TF 117 was a US Navy unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Operation CORONADO I
Go Cong Province, IV Corps, South Vietnam
Description: This was the first major American operation in the Mekong Delta conducted by the Mobile Riverine Force, 9th Inf Div. It covered the water side areas from Gia Dinh, Long An, and Go Cong provinces plus the Rung Sat Special Zone as a search and destroy operation against the Cho Goa District VC company while providing security on the Chu Gao Canal. The operation claimed 478 enemy KIAs.

The source for this information was Rand, Chron P:46; Riverine Opns P:93+

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