Battle of Go Cong information
for MRF 9 INF
3/47 INF
4/47 INF

From date 670704 to 670706

MRF 9 INF was a US Army unit
3/47 INF was a US Army unit
4/47 INF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Operation CORONADO I
Go Cong Province, IV Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Go Cong
Description: While conducting CORONADO I, the Mobile Riverine Force, 9th Inf Div attacked an enemy base area about 4 miles northwest of Co Gon. A PF Bn established a blocking positon to the west and helicopter gunship watched areas that could not be covered by ground unit. A riverine FSB was established on the Vam Co river. The MRF moved down the Vam Co to the Rach Go Cong River and inserted forces from the 3/47 and the 4/47th Inf onto 7 beaches. One company size CA was made onto a LZ COBRA. By 1800 the sweep had produced only minor skirmishes where 3 VC were KIA, 91 detained (later it was learned these were new VC recuits without weapons), and 2 weapons. The night ambushes encounted small VC units in several locations. On 5 July, US troops discovered cleverly disguished bunkers and spider holes in which the VC had hide the previous day. The operation ended on the 6th. Naval craft had stopped over 700 native watercraft. The MRF used helicopters to resupply directly from their support LSTs to the units. Ten Hueys were needed to resupply the two battalions. They also added helicopter landing pads 16 feet square on the first of several ATCs. OH-23s made the first landings on 4 July and then Hueys on the 5th. There were no US casualties but the VC suffered 66 KIAs and over 91 POWs.

The source for this information was Chron P:46; Fuller P:110+ map

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