operation report information
for HMM-165

For date 670812

HMM-165 was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Operation LIEN KET 112
South Vietnam
Description: Rangers from the 2d ARVNDiv made heavy contact not long after their initial insertion as part of operation LIEN KET 112 with three bns from the 21st NVA Regt. At 1700 they reported heavy casualties and requested an emergency resupply. A HMM-165 CH-46 flown by CPT Jack H. McCracken and escorted by two VMO-6 gunships was initially told not to land. The crew chief, CPL James E. Bauer, stacked the ammo on the back ramp and McCracken raced in at low level to a 30 foot hover. The crew kicked out the ammo while taking a number of SA hits and extensive damage; but the ARVN Rangers were resupplied and continued the fight. At 2300, the NVA pulled back leaving 197 bodies behind. The Rangers had 81 KIA and 153 WIA.
Comments: CPT McCracken, Jack H.; HAC HMM-165; ; CPL Bauer, James E.; CE HMM-165; ;

The source for this information was USMC H P 110

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