Battle of Bu Dop information
for 1 INF DIV

From date 671129 to 671130

1 INF DIV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Bu Dop
Description: The 1st Inf Div actions near Loc Ninh in Oct and Nov forced the enemy further north into the area of the Cambodian border. This battle started when the CIDG district headquarters at Quan Bo Duc was attacked and partially overrun in the early morning hours of Nov 20. The 1/28th Inf and A/2/33rd Arty, 1st Inf Div, were airlifted from Quan Loi to Bu Dop where they set up an NDP. Early in the evening, a CIDG force made contact with an unknown size VC force just east of the American NDP and returned to the perimeter. After a heavy rocket and mortar attack, the VC ground assault began at midnight and continued until Arty and organic weapons gained fire superiority. 31 bodies were found near the NDP but a conservation estimate of 90 was recorded for this action.
Comments: On the night of Nov.29,1967 the 1st Bn 28th Inf Charlie company took a direct hit in one of it's mortar pits killing one soldier and wounding many others. Contact was broken when a B-52 run was brought in and caused many casualties to the opposing forces. When we arrived at Bu Dop late in the evening to set up a NDP, charlie hit us with a fierce mortar and rocket attack and then tried to enter our NDP through charley company's side of the NDP. Charley company's mortar squad fired every bit of illumination and HE rounds they had and had to resupply from Alpha, Bravo's mortars pits until resupply's were brought in. There were many Silver Stars earned during the battle of Bu Dop. It is a night I'll never forget. From:

The source for this information was Turner 1st Inf P:25 & 50

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