unit history information
for C/7/17 CAV

For date 671213

C/7/17 CAV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Tich An
Description: \C/7/17 Cav's history contains an entire page titled 'The Detailed Reconnaissance of Tich An.' The mixed team of WO Nicley (OH-6A) and MAJ Burden (UH-1C) was conducting a detailed area recon of a four grid squadre block (on a 1:50,000 map). Included in their recon area was the village of Tich An (2) BT305328. It was noted after approximately an hour in this area that there were several camouflaged bunkers and an unusual number of (source stopped here). At the daily debriefing the decision was made by MAJ Marett that this area was suitable and the previous recon warranted the insertion of the Blues to conduct a detailed ground recon. The Blues were put on the ground on the east of the village and immediately began to sweep to the west and south. The mixed team of WO Pearcy and LT Chambers was screening for the Blues and sighted several VC evading out the western side of the village. WO Pearcy 1 KIA, LT Chambers 1 KIA, LT Handley relieved LT Chambers on station 2 KIA's, MAJ Marett flying the UH-1C C/C ship 2 KIA's. WO Nicely sighted approximately 6 VC evading to the south and hiding in a hedgrow. The decision was made to extract one squad and insert them to the south as a blocking force. WO Nicely marked the VC and the LZ with smoke. As they were landing they immediately came under intense snper fire. As the squad began to close with the enemy PFC Dubois was hit in the face by a grenade, before it exploded he pushed his Plt Sgt to the ground along with another member of his squad. The Blues 2 KIA's. LT Briggs relieved WO Nicely who taken a hit in the OH-6As and was slightly wounded. LT Briggs 3 KIA's who were evading from the Blues. The Blues were extracted after a through sweep of the village and they had blown all significant bunkers and the interpreter team determined that all known VC had been killed. Results: 12 VC KIA, 4 friendly slightly wounded all returned to duty that day. Conclusions: Through the proper utilization of forces at the commander's disposal, an effective detailed recon was accomplished that resulted in 12 VC KIA. The number of KIA's was brought about through close coordination between the infantry platoon and the mixed teams in the air.
Comments: MAJ Marett, James D.; C&C ship; ; WO Pearcy, Tom ; OH-6A pilot; ; LT Chambers; UH-1C pilot; ; LT Handley; UH-1C pilot; ; WO Nicely, Fred; OH-6A pilot; ; PFC Dubois; infantry platoon; ; LT Briggs; OH-6A pilot; ;

The source for this information was C/7/17 CAV 1 Jan 67 - 31 DEC 67 Unit History

Additional information is available on CD-ROM.

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