Air America Log information

For date 671215

AIR AMERICA LAOS was a Air America unit
Primary service involved, Air America
Location, Udorn
Description: AAM Acquires Five Beautiful Bell 205s by Staff/BKK - Our BKK base recently received five spanking new Bell 205 helicopters. Each machine was packed in three large crates which were hauled from Bangkok's dockside to its Don Muang Airport on two huge trucks. The three crates contained respectively the chopper's fuselage, tail boom, and rotor blades. The 205s were uncrated and assembled in the open on the North Ramp of the airport. A maximum effort was pout forth by all AAM and Bell personnel concerned and the aircraft were made ready for flight test in very short order. Assembly of the 205s was done under the supervision of Robert (Bob) Davis, Superintendent of Maintenance. The reams of paperwork involved in importing the choppers were efficiently handled by Norbert Wynn, Superintendent, Supply. There were many people involved in the 205 assembly operation.
Comments: CIV Smith, E.C.; Pilot Bell Helicopter; ; CIV Wood, E.D.; Crew Chief UDN; ; CIV Woods, G.L.; Flight Mechanic UDN; ; CIV Simons, J.; Flight Mechanic UDN; ; CIV Potigul, T.; RMD Mechanic BKK; ; CIV Suponpang, A.; RMD Mechanic BKK; ; CIV Perry, H.E.; Crew Chief Thai Police Contract; ; CIV Lee, W.D.; Advisor Thia Police Contract; ; CPT Knight, Wayne; AAM Pilot UDN; ; CPT Webb, Wayne; AMM Pilot BKK Flying Training Dept; ;

The source for this information was Air America Log, Vol 1 No 2, Dec 67 at Univ Texas Dallas

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