unit history information
for 57 AHC
52 CAB
17 CAG

For date 671229

57 AHC was a US Army unit
52 CAB was a US Army unit
17 CAG was a US Army unit
4 INF DIV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Pleiku Province, II Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Camp Holloway
Description: The 57th Assault Helicopter Company unit history has three inclosures that are letters of appreciation and commendation from the 4th Infantry Division to the 52d CAB, from the 17th CAG to the 52d CAB, and from the 52d CAB to the 57th AHC. MG W.R. Peers from the 4th wrote: 'In behalf of the 4th Infantry Division, I would like to convey to you and your command our appreciation and commendation for the manner in which you conducted aviation support operations in the Dak To area. The professionalism demonstrated by your staff and units during the operations was outstanding and served as an example for all. You have a fine organization and the Fighting Fourth is proud to have the Flying Dragons as a member of our team.' COL Bill G. Smith from the 17th wrote: 'I congratulate you on your tremendous performance with the Fourth Infantry. Throughout MacArthur, the Flying Dragons proved their unquestionable value. In their combat assaults, extractions, and evacuations, they display great nerve, skill, and endurance. Their flying skills were matched only by their ability to recover, repair, and maintain the Dragons as they worked around the clok in hostile forward areas. I wish that you would pass on to each member of your organization my personal thanks for their truly outstanding performance.' LTC Edward P. Lukert, Jr. of the 52d wrote: 'I wish to extend my personal congratulations to each of you for a job well done and add my appreciation to those of General Peers and Colonel Smith. I personnally commend each of you for your outstanding devotion to duty and performance during the Battle of Dak To. Through your tremendous effort, over 7000 hours were flown, 9000 tons of cargo moved and 30,000 passengers transported. Again, due to each individual's effort, the 'Flying Dragons' have performed well and is an outstanding organization, one in which you can take pride. I desire a copy of this letter and indorsement to be put in each indivdual's 201 file.'
Comments: MG Peers, W.R.; CG 4th Ind Div; ; COL Smith, Bill G.; CO 17th CAG; ; LTC Lukert, Edward P. Jr.; CO 52d CAB; ; MAJ Gess, William D. Jr.; CO 57th AHC; ;

The source for this information was 57th AHC Unit History by CPT Quinn

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