Army Reporter information
for 23 INF DIV
Operation = WALLOWA

For date 671231

23 INF DIV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Operation WHEELER
South Vietnam
Description: The following is an edited version from the "1967 Action Summarized" column that appeared in the 20 Jan 1968 issue. Americal Division soldiers ended 1967 with a total of 8,402 enemy killed since Task Force Oregon became operational last April 20. In the next eight months Project Oregon became Task Force Oregon and then in October became the Americal Division. The 196th LIB was the first unit to arrive for Project Oregon and the first to make a significant contact in the division's area of operations in the southern part of the I Corps Tactical Zone. The brigade was airlifted to Chu Lai on April 8 and shortly thereafter began search and destroy missions and to provide security for the airfield there. The 1/25th Inf, 3rd Bde, 4th Inf Div, was the first brigade element to engage the enemy on a relatively large scale. Shortly after arriving they killed 42 enemy during a day-long battle north of Duc Pho. During the eight month period Americal Division elements participated in seven separate operations. The current operation, Wheeler/Wallowa, has so far resulted in 3,158 enemy deaths. The purpose of the operation is to destroy the 2nd NVA Division. Americal forces have captured 2,227 individual and 209 crew-served weapons during the last eight months, in addition, they have captured over 1,182 tons of rice and 150 tons of salt. This represents enough rice to feed a 2500-man enemy force for over nine months. A total of 1,030 enemy soldiers have voluntarily given themselves up to the Government of Vietnam under the "Chieu Hoi" (open arms) program since Project Oregon began. When the Americal Division was reactivated in October it marked its third appearance as a division. The division was born in the jungles of New Caledonia in 1942 and was first reactivated in 1956.

The source for this information was 6801AR.AVN supplied by Les Hines

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