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for 155 AHC
165 TC DET
185 RAC

For date 680104

155 AHC was a US Army unit
165 TC DET was a US Army unit
185 RAC was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Darlac Province, II Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Camp Coryell
Description: The 155th Aviation Company attack on US installation report states that at 0245H, Camp Coryell was attacked with about 40 82mm mortars fired from about 3,200 meters away and ground elements who fired six B-40 rockets. The attack lasted about 5 to 8 minutes. There were no reported enemy or friendly casualties. Two 155th UH-1H were destroyed, three received extensive damage, three more moderate damage, and four more plus two DUSTOFF ship had minor damage. The 185 RAC reported minor damage to nine O-1Gs. The 155th's maintenance hangar, the 165th TC's maintenance office and sheet metal shop, and the 185th's motor park tent all received extensive damage while the COC, Officers Club, and Fire House received minor damage. The 185th's fire truck, fuel truck, and power lubricator received extensive damage while 13 other 185th and 155th vehicles and trailer had light to moderate damage. One flareship and two gunships were airborne by 0250 to 0255 and remained aloft until approximately 0500. Allied mortar crews fired H.E. and W.P. rounds from 0250 until 0410 with unknown results. All personnel manned bunkers and berm positions from 0245 until 0800 and expending heavy fire on known and suspected positions.
Comments: MAJ Goodall, Billy R.; 155 CO; ; MAJ Caldwell; ; ;

The source for this information was Attack on US Installations report dated 3 Feb 68

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