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11 CAB

For date 680110

213 ASHC was a US Army unit
11 CAB was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Phuoc Long Province, III Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Bu Dop SF Camp
Description: The following is an edited version of an article titled "Hot Resupply Mission Copters Lug Ammo Into Battle." Phu Loi (IO) - Satisfaction is a most important product, but it involves many long hours of blood, sweat and tears at times. Recently, as the Special Forces outpost at Bu Dop was being hit by Viet Cong mortar fire, a call went out for an emergency resupply of ammunition for that beleaguered position. Two CH47 Chinook helicopters from the 213th ASHC, scrambled to Quan Loi where the supplies were loaded and made ready for the run to Bu Dop, which was still being assaulted by 82mm mortar and 122mm rocket fire. Fortunately the first drop was made during a lull in the action, so CPT William Wiard of Ypsilanti, Mich., heading the operation, was able to perform an emergency medevac for the tiny outpost while returning to Quan Loi for a second load of ammunition. He returned to the scene with an external load of small-arms ammunition and an internal cargo of illumination flares. The external load was dropped with little problem, but before the flares could be unloaded, mortar rounds again began dropping around the giant Chinook. The crew struggled to get the flares off the ship while Charlie's rounds came closer and closer to the big prize. "They tell me that haste makes waste," states Wiard, "but that didn't concern me at all this afternoon!" Those rounds were close enough to make believers out of all of us." Believing that mission to be the last of the day. Wiard headed his team back for home station. A call soon came through, however, notifying him that the tactical emergency was still in effect and that he would be joined by a third Chinook which was then on its way from its 11th CAB base at Phu Loi. CWO Frank Smith from New York City, piloting the third CH47, joined the pair who swung around and headed back, for the resupply juncture at Quan Loi where, at that very moment, the Air Force was loading their own emergency cargoes of ammunition aboard the massive C-130s. By the time the trio arrived at Bu Dop with the vital loads, darkness had set in, and because of the intensity of the situation, the tiny outpost could only provide two small lanterns to direct the Chinooks in their descent into the area. Even with minimum lighting, the Viet Cong, guiding on the engine sounds from the aircraft, began logging mortar after mortar into the landing zone. One rounded landed close enough to the lead Chinook to SP5 Dilmar Leedom, of Hansell, Iowa, from his prone position on the floor of the ship where he was directing the descent of the aircraft and slammed him against the side of the aircraft. A hurried unloading was followed by a hasty departure. Then, after 9 1/2 hours of flight, the trio was released and they started their trip home.
Comments: CPT Wiard, William; 213th ASHC pilot; ; CWO Smith, Frank; 213th ASHC pilot; ; SP5 Leedom, Dilmar; 213th ASHC CE; ;

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