Army Reporter information
for 198 LIB
178 ASHC

For date 680113

198 LIB was a US Army unit
178 ASHC was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Quang Tin Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Hill 183
Description: The following is an edited version of an article titled "With 105mm Howitzers 198th Assaults VC Positions" dated 13 Jan 1968. The rugged mountainous area around Chu Lai is no longer a sanctuary for the VC. Relying upon the speed and high degree of mobility provided by Chinook helicopters, artillery crews from the Americal Division are hitting the enemy in areas the VC once considered safe and because of their isolation and inaccessibility. On a recent artillery assault cannoneers from the 198th LIB were airlifted to a strike position on a hilltop 15 miles northwest of Chu Lai. The 198th is one of the newest fighting units in Vietnam, and its men have recently completed extensive in-country training to prepare them for battle. From the first base position atop Hill 183, the artillerymen pumped round after round into enemy concentrations miles away, providing artillery support for division ground units operating in the area. The artillery assault was conducted by the men of B/1/14th Arty in conjunction with Americal operations. Minutes after they had been lifted into position, the cannoneers had set up their 105mm howitzers as part of the surprise assault. The artillery support by men of the 198th plays an important part in the success of the Americal Division in destroying enemy strongholds in the I Corps area. Photo-Captions. ARTILLERY ASSAULT - A mountain gun crew fires at enemy positions minutes after being airlifted to a hilltop 15 miles northwest of Chu Lai. The crew is from B/1/14th Arty on a 198th Light Infantry Brigade operation in the Americal Division area. Photo-Captions. LEADING THE WAY-An artilleryman from the 198th LIB leads the way during an artillery assault with the Americal Division northwest of Chu Lai. (Helicopter has tri-colors of the 178th ASHC). Photo Captions-SILHOUETTE-Cannoneers of the 198th LIB's B/1/14th Arty are silhouetted in the dust and smoke as they pump rounds at VC positions miles away. Photo Captions- LAYING THE GUN-Sergeant Robert F. Bush lines up his howitzer gun sight as he lays the gun on a direction of fire.

The source for this information was 6801AR.AVN supplied by Les Hines

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