Army Reporter information
for 3 BDE 1 CAV
2/12 CAV 1 CAV
1 BDE 101 ABN

For date 680113

3 BDE 1 CAV was a US Army unit
2/12 CAV 1 CAV was a US Army unit
1 BDE 101 ABN was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, LZ ROSS
Description: The following is an edited version of an article titled "Cav Bn Constantly On Move" dated 13 Jan 1968. In the nine months since the 2/12th Cav, 1st Cav Div left the division base camp at An Khe, they have covered an amazingly large part of South Vietnam. They have proved they can move fast and hit hard in any direction. After leaving An Khe, the Skytroopers operated along the sandy beaches of the South China Sea. Platoon Sergeant Doyl Daywood recalled, "We had one of our worst fire-fights right on the beach. Company D air assaulted about 100 yards off the water's edge and made heavy contact immediately. My mortar platoon fired 473 rounds in one afternoon." From the coastal area around Bong Son, they moved north to the southern border of the I Corps Tactical Zone. The entire battalion hit the ground in less than half an hour in a spectacular 80-helicopter air assault. They moved into the new area to work with the 1st Bde, 101st Abn Div. After seven days in the Bong Son area, the battalion found themselves on C-130s heading for Dak To, near the Cambodian border. After a short stay in Dak To, fighting the VC in bamboo thickets, they moved to Kontum to work with the 4th Inf Div. When the 1st Cav sent its 3rd Bde north to operate in I Corps under the Americal Division, the 2/12th Cav was the first battalion deployed in the new area. Since early October, the 2nd Bn has been deployed on LZ Ross, near the town of Que Son, some 30 miles southwest of Da Nang. There, they have been fighting large, well-prepared North Vietnamese forces and have gradually broken the enemy's hold on the valley's north and west of Que Son. Once again, the 2nd Bn is proving its reputation as the "Always Prepared" battalion.

The source for this information was 6801AR.AVN supplied by Les Hines

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