operation CORONADO X information
for MRF 9 INF
3/47 INF
4/47 INF
3/60 INF

From date 680118 to 680213

MRF 9 INF was a US Army unit
3/47 INF was a US Army unit
4/47 INF was a US Army unit
3/60 INF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Operation CORONADO X
Dinh Tuong Province, IV Corps, South Vietnam
Description: This was a reaction operation where the Mobile Riverine Force drives the enemy from My Tho, Cai Lay, and Vinh Long cities during the Tet offensive. Prior to Tet, the MRF was operating in western Binh Tuong Province hoping to make contact with another large VC force as it had done there in early December. Thus the MRF was widely dispersed and well removed from the scene of the major battles that erupted during Tet; however, mobility was its great asset and the MRF moved quickly to participate in several sharp battles connected with Tet.

The source for this information was Rand; Chron P:65; Riverine Operations P:196

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