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For date 680120

Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Description: The following is an edited version of an article titled "Viet Cong Capture GI-and Wish They Hadn't." Dayton, Tex. (AP) - An American infantryman said Thursday he was captured in Vietnam while trying to help a little girl but later was rescued from the Viet Cong by an Army helicopter gunship. PVT Roger Dale Anderson, 21, said he was rescued after guerrillas held him prisoner 10 days, moving him mostly at night, presumably toward Hanoi. "Two Viet Cong had me in a sampan," Anderson said. "I don't know how the helicopter saw me because I was covered with twigs and branches. They were trying to hide me from spotter planes." Anderson said the two Viet Cong may have jumped into the water after the helicopter started firing but that he just rolled over, upsetting the sampan. "I climbed onto the bank, hiding against it to keep from getting hit," he said. "Then I jumped up, waving my arms so they would stop firing for a time. A few more bullets were fired and I jumped into the water. Then the bullets stopped and I stood up again. Then the helicopter swooped down and I got aboard. The shooting apparently killed the Viet Cong." Anderson said he was by himself near his camp when he was captured. "Some little kids were selling soft drinks to Americans," he said, "I was going to get one when a little kid ran out of the jungle and told me a little girl had fallen from a tree and needed help." He said he started following the boy. "I didn't think the Viet Cong was that close," he said. "I went out there and they jumped me. There were six of them. They tied me up with my arms behind me. They put a harness around my neck, using a wire for a lead rope. They kept me tied up most of the time but never bothered me, freeing my arms to let me eat." The helicopter carried Anderson to a camp in the Mekong Delta area. He was not injured but was hospitalized a while and returned to Texas Jan. 17. Anderson is visiting with his mother and stepfather. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Moreau. Moreau is a rice farmer and chief of the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department. After his furlough, Anderson will report to the 1st Armored Div. at Ft. Hood, Tex., for a new assignment.
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