Battle of Hue ends information

For date 680224

Thua Thien Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Hue
Description: In a predawn attack, an ARVN unit overran the last of the NVA defenders along the south wall of the Citadel. At 5 a.m. they tore down the NLF flag and replace it with their own. The statistics for the battle are: NVA 5,000 estimated KIAs and 89 captured; USMC 142 KIA, 857 WIA; Army 74 KIA, 507 WIA; ARVN 384 KIA, 1,830 WIA. The citizens of Hue suffered terribly with 5,800 listed as dead or missing; more than 50% of the city damaged or destroyed leaving 116,000 homeless out of a populationg estimated at 140,000. The city of Hue, once synonymous with the vitality of Vietnamese culture and history, would never again be the same. The allies had been surprised in several areas especially when they fought 3 NVA Regts that were supposed to be involved in the battle at Khe Sanh.

The source for this information was "1968"-VE P 37+

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