Pacific Stars and Stripes information
for HMM-164

For date 680228

HMM-164 was a US Marine Corps unit
VMO-3 was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Thua Thien Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Phu Bai
Description: The following is an edited version of an article titled "Marine Fliers Fight Off VC, Rescue 4 From Army Craft." Phu Bai (ISO) - Leathernecks of Marine Aircraft Group-36 risked their lives to rescue the survivors of two Army Hueys shot down by hostile fire. A CH46 Sea Knight of HMM-164, and a Huey gunship of VMO-3, were on their way to pick up a Marine casualty near Hue-Phu Bai when the Huey pilot spotted the wreckage of a Army copter in the jungle. Swooping in for a closer look, the Marine pilot, Capt. Thomas C. McDonald, 26, of Cincinnati, spotted three survivors in a rice paddy and another damaged Army Huey. McDonald radioed the pilot of the CH46 Sea Knight helicopter, Capt. Richard G. Sousa, 31, of Santa Ana, Calif. and explained the situation. The Leathernecks went down to pick up the survivors and arranged for another helicopter to pick up the casualty that Sousa and his crew were originally headed for. Two Army Hueys overheard the radio conversation and raced in to give the Marine CH46 helicopter added support. With the three Huey gunships circling overhead, Sousa guided the CH46 down into the jungle a few feet from the first Huey they had spotted. While the survivors were being brought aboard, the Marine and Army Hueys kept up constant protective fire with their rockets and machine guns. The enemy troops were prevented from rushing the helicopter but they kept up a heavy fire from their holes and from behind trees. After picking up the three survivors, co-pilot 2LT Glenn J. Zamorski, 25, of Elizabeth, N.J., spotted a fourth survivor, who was also rescued.
Comments: CPT McDonald, Thomas C.; VMO-3 pilot; ; CPT Sousa, Richard G.; HMM-164 pilot; ; 2LT Zamorski, Glenn J.; pilot; ;

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